• Hardware:
    InSight allows realtime 3D acquisition using a scanless method based on a proprietary light field technique. InSight is a flexible imaging device adding light field imaging capabilities including one shot 3D acquisition, parallax view and digital refocusing as well as fast Z-scanning capabilities

    InSight is supplied with GUI software QTImage. An optional API/ SDK is provided for microscopy automated systems with comprehensive 3D acquisition tools.

  • InSight LFM (add-on for any microscope)

    Camera compatibility (camera not included) Format >=1”
    (see compatibility list)
    Microscope Interface Video Port 1X C-mount adapter
    Physical Dimensions (mm), Weight (g) InSight Head:
    245(H) 56(W) 80(D), 470 g
    Control Unit:
    40(H) 160(W) 150(D), 150 g

    InSight LFC (with embedded camera)

    Camera Scientific CMOS
    13.31 mm x 13.31 mm
    Sensor specs 2048 x 2048
    6.5 µm x 6.5 µm
    Full well capacity 30 000 electrons
    Dynamic range 33000:1
    Frame rate (full resolution) Frame rate (full resolution)

    Scanless Mode (Light Field)

    Z range and Z resolution are objective dependant
    Z Range = 100 x Objective Depth of Field
    Z Resolution = Z Range / 10

    Scanning Mode

    Z range and Z step are objective dependant
    Z Range = 16mm / (G_Obj)2
    Z Step = Z Range / 2000

  • High-speed volumetric imaging of weak fluorescent specimens
    In-vivo imaging of C. elegans, Drosophila and zebrafish
    3D functional imaging of neuronal activity
    High-speed Ca2+ imaging
    Fluorescence and widefield microscopy
    live Imaging of cellular dynamics in three dimensions
    Trajectory monitoring of microscopic objects
    Instant 3D recording of dynamic events or moving specimens