• Hardware:
    ALPHA3 is designed to add light sheet imaging capabilities to existing microscopes. Alpha3 offers the unique benefits of selective plane illumination microscopy for biological sample imaging.

    Specimen preserved from photobleaching and phototoxicity

    Quality optical sectioning

    Fast volume acquisition of entire specimen

    ALPHA3 is supplied with GUI software QTImage. An optional API/ SDK as well as a MicroManager plugin is provided for  microscopy automated systems with comprehensive acquisition tools.

  •  Light source Fiber lasers CW / Laser diode or DPSS
    Wavelength selection from 375 nm to 785nm, output power from 25 to 500mW according to wavelength.
    Illumination unit Single or dual illumination arms
    Objective 10X 0.25NA air (standard), 5X and 20X optional
    Detection lenses Finite – Infinite type
    Air or water dipping lenses
    Volume scanning 3 options:
    Motorized sample scanning: scanning speed 8 images:second
    Fast remote focusing with NeoScan1 (25 images/second)
    Ultra high speed remote focusing with ThunderScan1 (100 images /second)
    Image Sensor Compatible with life sciences cameras including large format scientific sCMOS cameras2

  • Morphogenesis and embryogenesis: C. elegans, Drosophila or Zebrafish
    Fast imaging of cellular dynamics
    Neuronal activity
    Fluorescence imaging of marine organisms
    Live imaging of 3D cell cultures
    High-speed volumetric imaging of weak fluorescent specimens