• The new CytoTrack CT11™ provides state-of-the art rare cell scanning and isolation capabilities.

    This instrument can detect rare cells (such as CTCs) efficient and at great speed. The optical sensitivity is extremely high.

    Individual target cells can be characterized 'on disc' or 'off disc'.

    This highly flexible technology is ideal for exploring new possibilities within CTC approaches and techniques.

    CytoTrack CT11™ allows users to experiment with different protocols, staining techniques, antibodies and set-ups, thus making it possible to study a variety of cancer types.

  • CytoPicker™

    The CT11™ instrument features the new cell picking functionality. After enumeration of CTCs, selected cells can be lifted from the glass surface and entered in to Eppendorf tubes. Target cells can be isolated completely with no white blood cell contamination, and target cells are kept intact. 

    Easy to use

    The CT11™ has an easy-to-use graphical user interface. The user will be able to perform scans after just a few hours of training.

    Each target cell (hot spot) on the disc can be revisited very quickly in less than one second (going from hotspot to hotspot). This makes it very easy to step through a list of targets in order to examine each target cell in detail.

    High quality images

    The camera provides high resolution (HD images) of the target cells.

    The camera has an automatic focusing feature and images are displayed automatically in an overview image gallery.

  • Dimensions:
    Height: 450 mm
    Width: 550 mm
    Depth: 550 mm

    Instrument weight:
    25 kg

    Power requirements:
    100-240 VAC (50-60 Hz)

    Power consumption:
    ≤200 W

    Scanning speed:
    Disc rotation 0-800 RPM (fixed RPM or constant track speed)

    Scanning time:
    Typically 1-2 min/scan/fluorefor

    488 nanometer solid state, class 3B laser

    FITC, DAPI, Cy5 (5 extra filter sets can be added)

    Light sources*:

    1,3 Mpixel, high resolution images

    Higher than 0.5 µm FluoSpheres® (2,0 x 10(6) fluorescein equivalents per microspheres)

    Data management:
    CytoTrack Genration II Software v1, English

    Dual core PC with Windows7®

    Rare Cell Detection