Bioptix 404pi

Bioptix 404pi

  • When purchasing laboratory instruments you usually have to choose between cost and some measure of quality. The 404pi Enhanced Surface Plasmon Resonance System exists to break that norm. It offers scientists that require label-free, real-time detection of biomolecular interactions an extremely high sensitivity, low noise instrument at a price point of just $195,000 – hundreds of thousands less than systems with equivalent performance. The 404pi concurrently offers industry-leading reliability, easy to use software for experimental design and instrument control, and greater experimental flexibility.

  • Phase-based SPR for high sensitivity

    4 injector / 4 flow cell design for increased throughput, allowing for multiplexed kinetic measurements
    Increased uptime – unique fluidic system – no annual replacement required
    Standard & custom surface chemistries
    Advanced fluidic system for fast kinetic measurements
    In-line degassing
    Supplied with industry standard Scrubber 2 software
    Cost effective and simple to operate

  • Protein-small molecule interactions
    Protein-protein interactions
    Antibody-antigen interactions
    Kinetics & affinities
    Affinity maturation
    Epitope binning
    Nucleic acid-protein interactions
    Biomolecule concentration measurements
    Immunogenicity screening