AdvanStain Scarlet

AdvanStain Scarlet

  • Fluorescent stain for gels and blots

    AdvanStain Scarlet is a fluorescent stain for gels and blots that allows sensitive and quantitative visualization of proteins. Gels and blots stained with AdvanStain Scarlet can be imaged on any fluorescence imaging system, including laser- and CCD-based systems, with a detection limit of less than 1 ng of protein per band or spot. Fully compatible with downstream Western blotting or mass spectrometry, AdvanStain Scarlet is non-toxic and biodegradable, for safe and simple disposal.

  • Sensitive – detect less than a nanogram of protein per spot
    Convenient – simple 3-hour protocol
    Flexible – stain gels or membranes
    Reversible – destain for downstream Western blotting or mass spectrometry
    No speckling – clean background for better data
    Safe – biodegradable and contains no heavy metals for increased safety and simple disposal
    Compatible – image with any laser or CCD imaging system. Compatible excitation wavelenghts include green (543, 532 nm), blue (488 nm), violet (405 nm) and UV (302, 365 nm). Maximum emission wavelenght is 610 nm

  • Includes:

    AdvanStain Scarlet Dye Concentrate
    Powder A, for preparation of Fix Solution
    Powder B, for preparation of Stain Buffer