iTrack™, Pipette Tracking System

iTrack™, Pipette Tracking System

  • iTrack is a recording system for the liquid handling. It can automatically keep tracking and recording your sample or solution preparation steps. Biological experiments increasingly involve large numbers of samples, making liquid handling in these experiments a challenge for investigators.  With iTrack, investigators won’t forget which well has been already loaded. It is compatible with 96, 384-well microplate, and works with multichannel pipettes.

    • Work for both transparent and opaque microplates and tubes
    • Multiple pipetting at the same location are illuminated in different colors and numbers
    • A beep sound after every step to confirm detection

  • **Avoid pipetting error with a tablet PC:

          Manual pipetting on microplates could be stressful and error-prone.

          The tablet powered iTrack uses optical sensors to detect your pipetting locations and flag them with lights and sounds. 

           It also records every pipetting step in a log file for you to review. iTrack helps eliminate the stress and errors of manual pipetting.


    **The reason why we design and develop iTrack:

          Pipetting error is a major cause for reaction failure. There has been a number of pipetting tracking devices on the market. However, none of them is able to detect actual pipetting locations. Users have to enter their pipetting protocol first, then manually press an advance button after each pipetting step. Attempting to reduce the pipetting errors, these devices introduce additional steps in the process that may cause more errors. “There must be a more elegant solution with today’s technology”. That’s why we launch iTrack. 

  • Compatible Pipette

    Single-, 8-, & 12-channel (fixed space)

    Compatible Tip

    0.1 - 1,000 µL

    Compatible Microplate / Tube
    (PCR, ELISA, storage…)

    96-Well Microplate (height < 23.5 mm)
    384-Well Microplate (height < 11 mm)
    8-tube / 12-tube strips

    Control System

    Android Tablet

    CPU & RAM

    Quad-Core A9 1.6GHZ, 1G DDR3 RAM


    8 GB NAD Flash, MicroSD supports 64GB


    MicroSD, MicroUSB, power, headset


    8” Capacitive Touch Screen, 1,024 x 768 pixel


    Front / 2MP Back

    Operation Voltage

    100-240V / 0.3A (Tablet)

    Operation Power Consumption

    5V / 0.5A


    3.7V – 3500mAh

    Scan Light Source

    IR Light-Emitting Diode

    Scan Frequency

    200 - 500 Hz

    Detection Time

    0.5 - 3 sec.


    255mm x 230mm x 54mm (10” x 9” x 2”)


    1.9 Kg (4.1 lb)