Station One Thawing Station

Station One Thawing Station

  • The first of its kind! The Station One thaws frozen reagents and samples in a fraction of the time using only ambient air. Its fixed platform enables high throughput sample thawing that is repeatable, proceduralizable, and safe for even the most delicate samples and reagents. The Station One channels ambient air over and around samples. The result is up to a 75% decrease in sample and reagent thawing times without any application of heat. Included accessory racks enable thawing of most industry standard tubes from 1 to 50ml. The Station One’s large thawing surface can accommodate two microplates or 2D barcoded tube racks at a time. There’s ample surface area for thawing media bottles too. The Station One unit has a compact footprint and consumes minimal power.

  • Simple.  The Station One thaws frozen samples and reagents in a fraction of the time using only ambient air.  Dual fans intake ambient air and channel it upward through a perforated thawing tray where it circulates over and around samples.  This simple action decreases sample and reagent thawing times by up to 75% without any application of heat.  It eliminates edge effects, cold starts and sample to sample thermal variability.  And its fixed platform enables highly reproducible thawing that can be proceduralized and validated under GMP/QSR, USP, and ISO.

    Intelligent.  Station One's A.I.R. (Automatic Internal Redistribution) System design is a breakthrough of its own.  Air is drawn inward by two fixed speed fans.  The sealed inner chamber builds a steady positive pressure that gently 'spills' out the top continuously refreshing the cool air around samples with ambient air.  Airflow restricted by samples placed on the thawing surface naturally and evenly redistributes itself internally.  The result is a proportional increase in airflow through the open airways around and between samples.  This basic action assures optimized thawing of any job big or small.

    Indispensible.  The Station One's included accessory racks will fit most industry standard tubes from 1 to 50ml.  The Station One’s large thawing surface accommodates two microplates or microtube racks at a time.  Equipped with the included accessory racks it can thaw 34 large tubes (15-50ml) or 52 small tubes   (1-2ml) in a single cycle.   Station One has a compact footprint and consumes minimal power.