Heliport Thawing Station

Heliport Thawing Station

  • The most complete sample thawing solution available today.  Featuring an expanded thawing surface for large sample arrays. Fully customizable sample arrangement for optimum functionality.  And sufficient fan power to thaw everything in your freezer quickly and reproducibly.  Eliminate edge effects, cold starts and reduce process variation. All with no excess input of heat, no weaking of controls and no calibration or maintenance required.

    Heliport also features a remote I/O port for simple integration with Tecan EVO* series liquid handlers, or any automated platform you may be running.  Seamlessly integrate safe, efficient and reproducible thawing into your automated scripts. Heliport fits in the auxiliary space on theTecan EVO deck, clear of the main work surface, or can be mounted and accessed in front of the Tecan deck.  

    Or simply 'blow' through samples right on your bench top.

  • -Seven 92mm fans for over 120 cfm of convection power

    -Large, custom configurable thawing surface accommodating up to 11 microplates or microtube racks at a time.

    -11 cradles for static positioning of microplates or microtube racks for automated scripts. Cradles allow 'protrait' or 'landscape' positioning or combinations of both.

    -8 ft remote I/O control cable for plug-and-play integration to Tecan SMIO boards or other 24v auxiliary power sources.

    -Energy efficient design draws just 12V and 1500mA.

    -Complete thawing of up to 11 microplates or microtube racks inas little as 15 minutes.