Genomic Vision Molecular Combing Platform

Genomic Vision Molecular Combing Platform

  • Manufacture: Genomic vision
    Made in France

    Genomic Vision’s technology opens a new perspective for the structural and functional analysis of the genome, can directly view targeted areas of the genome with a proprietary single DNA analysis technology.

    The technology combines Molecular Combing, a proprietary technique to untangle single DNA molecules, with a unique detection strategy, the Genomic Morse Code. This approach allows the direct visualization of large regions of interest (2kbp – several Mbp no bias) and offers new ways for the discovery of structural variations and dynamic genomic events.

    Genomic Vision’s solution fulfills an unmet medical and research need by enabling the analysis of large scale genome changes that are implicated in pathology and remain frequently hidden or inaccurately detected by other technologies. Our approach opens up novel possibilities to complement existing genetic testing and DNA analysis methods.

    From DNA purification to data output, Genomic Vision Molecular Combing Platform offers a complete, flexible and automated workflow for single Molecular analysis of DNA dynamic and genome structural variation. The Platform include:

    Fig.1 Genomic Vision Molecular Combing Platform

  • Function and Advantage

    A Direct visualization of DNA structure from 2 kbp to several Mbp

    Direct detect single molecular change
    Detection of low frequency variants, mosaics
    Compatibility with heterogeneous samples
    Panoramic view allowing detection of large rearrangements in their context
    Precise count of allelic copy number
    Detection of deletions, duplications, amplifications, inversions without prior knowledge
    Precise characterization of exogenous DNA integration: number of integrated copies, structure of integration (unique, tandem, dispersed)

    Fig.2 Copy Number Variation close to BRCA1. Allelic characterization of the RNU2 macro satellites. High sensitivity for allelic copy number, even for highly poly-morphicloci.

    Fig.3 Precise characterization of exogenous DNA integration: number of integrated

    B A powerful toolset for study and visualize of DNA replication, damage and repair on long single DNA molecules

    Genetic information’s contiguity is preserved
    Direct visualization and quantification of DNA resection tracks, even small tracks
    Possibility to measure DNA resection rate over time
    Mapping of NER sites on single DNA
    Simultaneous RCA analysis

    Fig.4 Accurate measurement of DNA replication parameters.Thousands of signals of high quality on equally and parrallelystretched molecules

    C Tailor made solutions for quality control/efficacy of genome engineering

    Validate the planned gene editing event -deletion, insertion
    Detection of on-target unexpected events
    Quantify off-target / on-target ratio

    Fig.5 Visualize the CRISP/CAS-9 gene edit by Molecular combing systems


    GENOMIC VISION is a company specialized in the development of diagnostic solutions for the early detection of cancers and serious genetic diseases and tools for life sciences research. Through the DNA Molecular Combing, a strong proprietary technology allowing the identification of genetic abnormalities, GENOMIC VISION supports the R&D productivity of pharmaceutical companies, leaders in the diagnostic industry and research labs.

    The Company develops a strong portfolio of diagnostic tests (breast and colorectal cancers, myopathies) and analysis tools (DNA replication, biomarkers discovery, gene editing quality control). Based in Bagneux, near Paris, the Company employs approximately 60 people. GENOMIC VISION is a public company listed on compartment C of Euronext’s regulated market in Paris (Euronext: GV – ISIN: FR0011799907). For further information, please visit www.genomicvision.com