APG Bio Ltd attend the 3rd PacBio China user group meeting
APG Bio Ltd took part in 3rd Pacific Bio China user group meeting in Shanghai Yangtze Hotel on May 17th to 18th ,2016.
PacBio has a novel technic of single molecule in real time sequencing(SMRT) which break through the lack reading of long fragments with next generation sequencing, realized the detection of long fragments in 5kb or longer. It is very helpful for joining together of the genome, De novo assembly, multiple variation sequence locating, analysis of shear isomer, epigenetics detection (such as genomic methylation detection), rapid identification of pathogenic microorganism, etc. In order to read long fragments, Kb fragments library is important to build, and so the primary job is to recycle of high quality long DNA fragments. The Blue Pippin that developed by Sage Science is able to recycle 50kb or longer DNA fragments, helpful to build kb fragments library.

Since Blue Pippin is put into market, papers of Nature or Cell which used Blue Pippin would be searched every month. And Sage Science also be favored by the sequencing machine companies like Illumina, Life, Pacific Bio, Agilent, etc. They all have agreement of co-marketing and Pacific Bio has recommended Blue Pippin in the manual to build SMTR library. The data shows that N50 will be improved double or higher which makes PacBio more effectively.

Blue Pippin can recycle the fragments in 50bp-50,000bp, do without manually cutting and the complex bead kits, and the CV can be reduced to 5-8%, making it more accuracy and repeatability. It has been a standard equipment for sequencing laboratories abroad for its automatic operation and high accuracy.

Sage Science put Pippin HT into market in 2014, Pippin HT is also based on Gel Cassettes, like blue pippin, can run 12 samples on a pre-cast gels, higher throughput and lower cost. Pippin HT system have two Gel Cassettes, Equivalent to five Blue Pippin running simultaneously.

APG Bio Ltd is the sole general agent in China of Sage Science. The exhibition of Blue Pippin and Pippin HT attracted many attention of researcher and its accuracy, efficiency and recovery of long segments have been recognized and praised.

Thanks for the wonderful speech gave by engineer of PacBio and thanks for all the participants and sponsor agency.

APG Bio Ltd aims to progress with sequencing technology at the same time.

Communication with customers

Product manager Peng Teng explain products of Sage Science

Technical experts from PacBio explain Pippin HT using