Arrayjet Claimed APG Bio As The Exclusive Authorized Distributor in Great China
Arrayjet Ltd announced APG Bio Ltd as its exclusive authorized distributor in Great China on December 1, 2015.
Arrayjet was founded in 2000 with the aim to develop a new, highly versatile non-contact microarray printing technology. Its unique inkjet microarray platform, Marathon series, was launched in 2005 and the install base for Arrayjet's microarrayers has continued to grow, with a world-wide user base and customers across 24 countries. Featuring with the fastest printing speed and the highest throughput coming out with a consistent result, Arrayjet's microarrayers are ideal for industrial users.
Applicable sample range of Marathon series includes proteins, cell lysates, carbohydrates, lectins, DNA & oligo's.
APG BIO is a leading distributor founded in China Hongkong and serves users in Great China. We focus on introducing trendy technologies in life science into China market and provide our customers with solid technical support and professional service. APG Bio working with Arrayjet in Great China market would offer customers with individual arraying solutions.


Dr. Iain from Arrayjet was giving a sales training in APGBio