APG Bio Ltd. Attended FGS-II 2015
APG Bio Ltd took part in 2015FGS-II(Functional genomics summit II )in Beijing on Nov 11-12,2015. more than 40 experts which are from animals and plants, microorganisms, genes + big data, in the field of human genetic diseases attend meeting and report. more than 500 participants attend . Sina, Sohu, Tencent and other mass media attend reporting.

Blue Pippin(Sage Science), itrack and UltraSlim(Maestrogen) were exhibited by APG Bio Ltd drew lots of attention by visitors and have been widely recognized and applauded.

Since Blue Pippin is put into market, papers of Nature or Cell which used Blue Pippin would be searched every month. And Sage Science also be favored by the sequencing machine companies like Illumina, Life, Pacific Bio, Agilent, etc. They all have agreement of co-marketing and Pacific Bio has recommended Blue Pippin in the manual to build SMTR library. The data shows that N50 will be improved double or higher which makes PacBio more effectively.

APG Bio Ltd exhibite Pippin HT and SageELF. PippinHT incorporates the company’s highly regarded sizing technology and increases throughput to 24 samples per run, compared to a maximum of five with Pippin Prep or BluePippin.  The instrument offers an efficient, automated solution for scientists running busy sequencing labs, core facilities, and other laboratories producing large-scale sequencing data.
The SageELF is an electrophoresis system that separates DNA or protein samples by size, and then fractionates the whole sample, or section of sample, into 12 fractions.  The system is equipped with pulsed-field electrophoresis for resolving large DNA. Fractionation ranges are estimated and adjusted in software, and fractions are collected in buffer. One sample is fractionated on a single precast agarose cassette, and one or two cassettes may be processed at one time.

Thanks for the wonderful speech gave by experts and thanks for all the participants and sponsor agency. APG Bio Ltd aims to progress with sequencing technology at the same time.



APG Bio Ltd booth(Blue pippin DEMO unit)

customer visit UltraSlim and iTrack

Manager Zhao explain blue pippin to customers