APG Bio Ltd. Attended The 11th Plant Biotechnology Seminar Across The Straits
The 1st plant biotechnology seminar across the Straits was held in Beijing since 1998 and was widely recognized and praised by professors. From then on, the three areas(Mainland, Hongkong and Taiwan) take turns to host the seminar. The first seminar was held in Beijing and the second was held in Taiwan, and the third seminar was held in HongKong in 2001. So far the seminar has been held for 10 years and never been located in Central China, therefore the 11th was decided to be hold in Wuhan.

The plant biotechnology seminar across the Straits is a high-level and influential academic conference, not only promoting the academic communication but also driving a corporation between enterprises which develops investment opportunities and local economy.

APG Bio Ltd. exhibited Blue Pippin, Omega Lum W and iTrack and other products and quickly responded questions brought by on-site customers.
APG Bio Ltd booth